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If a lacerated and everted cervix or ruptured perinseum is present to Mail Order Levitra Online complicate the situation, the first steps toward a radical cure may consist in its repair. Thus used, it will be a most valuable adjuvant in the preparatory treatment for correcting uterine displacements. After gently correcting the malposition, levitra overnight delivery, with the patient either in the Sims position or, better still, the knee-chest position, that gravity may more effectually aid the reduc- tion, introduce into Douglas's cul-de-sac one or more pled- gets of cotton moistened with glycerin, to which has been added ons or two per cent, of pure carbolic acid it being of great importance that the glycerin used be pure, and not the ordinary article of commercewith a small piece of thread attached to each, so that, if circumstances require, the patient can be instructed to remove them. Levitra overnight delivery
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