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Please help me understand why they started my dog on prednisone a week before chemo started he immediately went into remission but last day of chemo they said it was back and he has been on prednisone ever since. Prednisone is often prescribed to dogs who suffer from arthritis, inflammation, and allergies. Discover the side effects of Prednisone for dogs here. Individual tickets are 1 for $, 22 for $25, and 55 for $ Rides cost tickets. Click here to buy wristbands! Close-toed shoes are a requirement for select rides.

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Our Chihuahua had a very similar situation, head pulling left, lifting of paw. I have stopped taking boarding and training clients for now to dedicate my entire days to her. The information contained on this site is general in nature and is intended for use as an informational aid. Do not give this medication to a person, prednisone dog. Prednisone dog Get the facts on prednisone and prednisolone for dogs and cats from petMD. Learn about dosage, side effects, and other drug interactions to keep your pets safe. Prednisone For Dogs. Prednisone and prednisolone are glucocorticoids which reduce inflammation and inhibit immune system responses. They are several times stronger than the stress hormone “cortisol” which is produced naturally in a dog’s adrenal glands and are often used for treating Addison’s disease in which your dog’s glands do not produce enough cortisol on their own. Prednisone and prednisolone are steroids that can be used for dogs to treat inflammation and suppress the immune system. Here is what you should know.

If you have any doubts, consult with your vet. It is my understanding that there are no general rules of what constitutes a "low enough" dose for a "short enough" time to stop prednisone cold turkey. It is best to err on the side of caution when in doubt. It's worth a call to the vet who prescribed it and ask what to do especially if there weren't clear directions printed on the bottle.

What to do next also depends on what condition is being treated. If you are thinking of stopping the medication due to side effects, your vet may feel it's important to keep your dog on this drug because the benefits outweigh the side effects. However, for some severe types of side effects, the vet may feel it's important to stop cold turkey to prevent further damage e. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I am not a vet but worked initially as a receptionist and then as a vet assistant, so please don't take these as recommendations. They are just some ideas you may want to discuss with your vet that come to mind. Tell your vet the problems you are encountering and ask your vet whether you can keep him on it and perhaps give pepcid to prevent stomach issues.

Perhaps you can keep him on the lowest dose necessary to keep him comfortable. I do not know what condition your dog has or whether he is having complications so not sure whether this is a feasible option.

Perhaps, your vet may suggest then trying weaning him off the steroids more gradually again once these meds start working. The 48 hours is needed as a washout period to prevent complications.

However, the negative aspect of this is that it may take time for these new drugs to reach their therapeutic level. Consult with your vet on resuming the steroids as there may be special directions to follow.

My dog has been on prednisone for almost four months. He does fine tapering until he gets to the point of skipping a day and then goes down in full blown pain, but does well up until that point.

As soon as you give him the half again then he goes back to be okay. At my wits end on getting him off without pain coming back. Kathleen, so sorry you are going through this, perhaps it may help consulting with an internal medicine specialist?

My 1 year old Boxer is currently on Prenisone, due to Immune system from Lyme Disease , we have tried tapering her off it down to a Quarter piece an then down to a quarter piece every other Day , once she gets down to the quarter piece , to skip a few days so she can get Spayed , she get sick, its like we can't get ear off it without her getting really sick, I am unable to get.

Her Spayed no way , what Ian th eproblem here , how can I get her Spayed if we can't get her off the Prednisone.??? Please I need some really good Advice.!!! Now , they also put her on Atopica to help taper her off the prednisone so she could have the spay , but as soon as we tried getting her down from th eprednisone she gets ill.?? Pulling my hairs out , Vet won't spay her unless she has been off the prednisone but if I can't get her off it , then what do I do, There has got to be a way..!!!!!!

Thanks Eiddwen and Tillsontitan, yes, it looks like the longer the dog has been on it, the more carefully it should be tapered off, thanks for the votes up! Certainly a useful warning. My dog was on prednisone for a year so tapering off was very important.

I didn't know about Addison's Disease as a result so I am very glad I followed instructions. I know others will find this useful. Epbooks, thanks for stopping by. Following label instructions is very important and it's unfortunate some owners fail to follow them.

I remember one day at the vet a lady called and asked if she could use the dog's left over antibiotics from last time the dog was sick for a possible UTI, which was an alarming statement, because it meant last time she didn't give all the antibiotics till gone! Wonderful and informative hub. My dogs have all been on prednisone for one reason or another at separate times and though I never knew the side effects, I've always adhered to the advice and I saw the importance of it when my vet told me never to just take them off of it on a whim.

It's amazing the number of dog owners who give it without tapering off, I was inspired to write this because I just saw a post on a website by an owner that gave it and then stopped and was asking why his dog was not feeling well.

A simple search revealed many others dog owners doing the same. This is an important hub, alexadry. I have had two dogs that have been prescribed prednisone, so this article is very useful and interesting for me. In each case the prednisone helped my pet, but your warning about withdrawing the prednisone treatment gradually is vital.

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For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Adrienne Janet Farricelli more. About Tapering Dogs off Prednisone Why is it important to wean dogs off prednisone gradually? Veterinary Information About Prednisone.

Side Effects of Abruptly Stopping Prednisone in Dogs Sometimes, dog owners may feel tempted to stop their dog from taking prednisone either because their dog is feeling better or because of some annoying prednisone side effects. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. If my dog has been taking 5 mg daily of Prednisone for 14 days, can I stop it abruptly?

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I was on 60mg of Prednisone, tapered down by 10mg everyday for four days. My doctor prescribed this to me for a continuous migraine. It made me feel like I was completely underwater. It has been 10 days since my last dose of Prednisone 30mg — I was supposed to be on it until 10mg but my doctor ordered me to stop taking the medication after I told him of my experience and I still feel some side effects — I get mildly light headed, my vision has not returned to normal and I still lose contact with reality.

It may be comparable to tunnel vision. I will sometimes see strange lights or shadows when I look from place to place. My doctor refuses to believe that this could be leftover symptoms from the Prednisone and has ordered an extensive series of tests.

Personally, after going through it, I believe these are lingering side effects. Has anyone experienced something similar? I am incredibly concerned and worry about permanent or long term damage. I also suffer from terrible anxiety, which I know is not helpful. I am unable to drive or complete daily activities. This drug has made me feel like I lost my mind. Looking for any support, relief, or knowledge.

The second week I was off of Prednisone my anxiety was pretty bad too. I felt light-headed occasionally as well. Personally I found breathing exercises and a healthier diet helped some. I had been constantly looking up my symptoms but I think it was only stressing myself out. It may be different for everyone but I wish you the best of luck! Steven, thank you for your reply.

I am not seeing much of an improvement but holding onto hope. Wishing you the best of luck as well. Back in February a nurse put me on a prednisone pack in which I tapered down for just six days. Even though I was on a short term dose I still experienced adverse side effects. Three days after taking it I felt euphoric, like I could do anything.

However, a few days after I stopped taking the medication I experienced the worst side effects to include zero appetite I had to force myself to drink ensure shakes , extreme anxiety, decreased ability to cope with stress, disturbing thoughts… it was the worst experience in my life.

I seriously feel like I have PTSD from it but no one would understand unless they have gone through it, too.

Over the months I have gotten better but it has taken time. If you look up the adverse side effects and even scientific journal articles the symptoms you have are listed. I was on Prednisone 30 mg for 5 days after an asthma attack and collapsing. After I came off the Prednisone I had lots of awful effects.

I think the Prednisone may have weakened my immune system for a short period of time even though I was only on it for 5 days. Also, just a note: Best wishes to everyone currently on or coming off this steroid! My experience was very similar to yours.

The only side effect I experienced while I was on prednisone was euphoria, I felt like super woman! But the real nightmare began once I ceased the medication.

I was only on it for a week. I was already stressed with a lot of things going on in my life and I think the prednisone was really the nail in the coffin for me. So happy to hear you recovered and are well. Back in early May I was prescribed prednisone for optic neuritis. I have prescribed Trazodone which allows me to sleep 6 hours, but it makes me feel drowsy on top of feeling off. I get to choose if I sleep for 6 hours and feel drowsy all day or not sleep or minimal sleep.

The only concern is with minimal movement, blood pressure spikes significantly. Today I was walking and then next thing I know I am picking myself off the ground with a bloody right knee and pain in my left foot. May 24th was my last day of Prednisone. When will I feel normal again? I have been on Prednisone for several months for chronic pain thought to be caused by an autoimmune disease. I started at 10mg daily and then went down to 5mg every other day. I feel great on Prednisone.

I was on prednisone for most of Jan, Feb, and March due to my asthma and unable to control it with my inhalers. I definitely had mood swings and they were the worse, where I would just snap at people for no reason.

I do have lingering body acne from taking it so long and weight gain… it definitely helps my asthma when I need it but sometimes it sucks with all the side effects I have to go through to get better.

At first I felt like I was 20 again. No knee or back pain from football injuries. Had a weird cool sweat but that also felt good. Then as I tapered off to 20 and done the after effects hit. Bloating, belly aches, tender to touch belly has anyone else had this tender almost bruise like feeling in their belly?

I am now Day 4 off the drug and feel very off and nauseous. Is there any over-the-counter remedy? Will make you more calm too! I am so very grateful for all of you sharing your stories. I think it was a reaction to an artificially sweetened beverage I drank over a period of several days, during which the rash continued to get worse and spread.

I explained this to her and she put me on a 2 week regimen of prednisone. Day 6 and the insomnia, mood swings, the comes and goes at significant levels appetite, crazy levels of anxiety and horrific gastric pains are Hell. My husband fears me and I am miserable! I am starting a quick-wean tomorrow, as I am currently miserable and do not want any long-term issues. I was put on 50mg daily of prednisone after going into sever anaphylaxis.

I was hospitalized for two days and given even more steroids intravenously. After leaving the hospital we had to call a second time a couple days later from the pills. It has been 5 days since my last dose and I am still feeling awful. It feels like your whole body is crawling and rejecting itself.

This is the most awful medication. It feels like your body is shutting down. Neither the doctors nor pharmacists talked about any side effects until after I was hospitalized the second time. Biggest understatement of the century. Relieved to read these comments and know I am not alone. My first experience with Prednisone when I was 49 for gastric intestinal problems was mild in comparison to this recent experience at Was put on it for 1 week at 20 mg twice a day for allergic reaction to a bug bite.

The first 4 days were tolerable with only positive side effects but day 5 hit me with a bang. Extreme hunger, hyperactive, sore throat, exhaustion but little sleep and unable to settle down, lost my voice and felt like I was crawling out of my skin.

It was horrible to say the least. Was very glad to stop it on day 7. I felt horrible for 5 days after stopping this medication… sore throat, runny nose, still extreme hunger, complete exhaustion.

This sounds very similar to my experience that I am dealing with now. How are you feeling today? How long did it take you to return to normal? I had to take a 20 day round dropping down every 5 days. I can walk again, back much better but feeling terrible. I think due to prednisone. I have been on prednisone for two months — started at 60 mg, now tapering down.

I currently take 30 mg and will be off the med by the end of three months. It was prescribed for sudden vision loss — optic neuritis is the diagnosis. My vision has finally started to improve, but I have gained 15 pounds and my face is so swollen it is painful. Wondering how long it will take for the weight to come off and for my face to return to normal. I hate taking medication but had no choice.

Have you been tested for Multiple Sclerosis? Optic Neuritis is a common first symptom. I have been on it since June. How long did it take for yours to get better? I have been on Prednisone 10 mg since January and I completed on March 31st.

I still feel bloated and have gained 15 lbs. My eyes are still tearing and I am always exhausted! But, I have been sleeping better meaning continuously. Today is my last day — thank you Jesus!!

By Sunday day 6 I noticed joint pain in front of legs and in left knee, ears feel stopped up, head stuffiness which is exasperating because it is allergies — stuffiness and a clogged right ear that has me on this med to begin with and overall achy. After reading the comments, it seems that there are various side effects, not all the same. Most common is sleep patterns, lethargy, the face puffiness, and appetite and weight gain. My eyes would get bloodshot and just physically, I would look exhausted.

My dr put me on Prednisone on , 20 mg , he said to take 2 a day for 10 days and 1 a day for another 10 days. I had a swollen hand -some type of bacterial infection. I took the last dosage on the 9th, only 17 days because I was feeling so weird. I have moon face and decided today to find out when the heck this and the other symptoms would be going away. Now I find out — who knows? I took this for a week for a sinus infection and then about days later got my period.

When my period first started the cramps felt like someone was gutting me from the inside out and the blood was very light then went heavier and now back to light.

But any advice on how to stop prolonged periods thanks to this would be great.. No one told me the side effects of this when prescribed and I thought I was pregnant or something was wrong with me all week until I found something that mentioned steroids and bam answers came. I would have never taken it if I knew I would get a period and one this bad too! I wish I found info sooner.

Along with dry skin and slight depression. I am so glad I found this page! I was put on a 5 day of 20mg twice a day. I felt really jacked up the first two days, broken sleep, hot and cold so the next two days I just took one. I had had no appetite, the thought of any food made me nauseous. I started violently vomiting at 11pm til 3am.

What I thought was the flu I now believe is a horrible reaction to prednisone after searching the web about reactions. First and last time I will ever take this drug! Worse I have to get on a plane tomorrow with my son in a four hour flight for a college visit.

I was placed on the medrol dose pack for 6 days at 4mg each…day 1 I had to take 6 then taper down each day by 1 less. I have tried everything with drinking water and eating just to flush it out, I even went to the hospital for a saline drip which did nothing.

Reading your experience helps me feel not so alone. I took the exact same dose you did and had pretty much the exact same experience. I took the pack back in February, so around the same time as you. It was the brand Qualitest, in a yellow brown box.

Is that the same one you took? Also, how are you feeling now? Hopefully you are feeling back to normal! I was put in steroid pack for sinuses. By day 4 I was feeling anxious. Doctor told me to stop taking them so I did. Now next day I feel super exhausted and weak. I have to go back to work tomorrow as I missed 4 days of work already. Giving me steroid pack was worst thing the doctor could of done for me and it lowers immune system and we are in flu crazy mode.

I had a severe case of hives. They put me on prednisone for 3 days. It calmed my hives down, but day 2 I felt big. Then day 3 I woke up with a red face and feel even bigger.

My taste buds have changed. Praying this is all over. I was on 10mg of prednisone for 30 days. I stopped 2 days ago and I have moon face. How long before my face returns to normal? I was prescribed 5 days of 20mg of Prednisone for sinusitis, along with Augmentin. Though, I only took 4 days. I am in remission from MCD minimal change disease of the kidneys , yet I am having difficulty walking and getting up from a chair.

The kidney doctor has scheduled me once a month for lab work and an office visit every other month for the next year. I am better and I look forward to changes every day. I was on 80mg of prednisone per day for 16 weeks and a 6 weeks step down to zero. That was 8 months ago and I am really concerned about the after effects. The night after my last dose I felt like I was going to have a heart attack and as though electricity was rushing through my entire body.

I had a fever over degrees for 3 days. It has been over a week since I took my last dose and I still feel very lethargic, I have no energy or appetite. My urine has changed in color and my thoughts are scattered. This was then extended for a further 3 days plus more antibiotics , then another 7 days followed by tapering off at the rate of 1 tablet every 3 days 5 tabs for 3 days, then 4, then 3 etc.

Unfortunately, by the time I was down to 2 tabs 10mg daily my asthma symptoms of excessive wheezing, breathlessness, coughing and exhaustion, all returned with a vengeance and I was put back up to 30mg daily again. Finally my symptoms diminished and I took the last Prednisolone 10 days ago and the last antibiotic today. But, altogether, I was taking the steroids for about 9 weeks at varying doses.

However — I now have steroid-induced diabetes which my GP is expecting me to be stuck with. My symptoms now are increased thirst, dry mouth, waking up times nightly to urinate, banging headaches especially first thing on waking , extreme tiredness and very low mood. And, if so, what was the outcome? I am an asthmatic adult and suffered an asthma attack 5 days ago. After the salbutamol nebuliser, I was prescribed 30mg of Prednisolone for 5 days along with mg of Clarithromycin twice daily.

I took the final dose of Prednisolone about 4 hours ago. I was prescribed mg of Clarithromycin, twice a day at the same time. I will never take this prescribed medicine again.

I was given Prednisone 20mg daily for a fungal infection of lungs. I was given no warning of side effects. After about 4 months I started with extreme thirst and several head calls nightly. I was given Januvia mg daily. I have diabetes ll and do not know if it will go away. I requested to be taken off Prednisone and was tapered down. It has been about 2 weeks and I have the aches and stiffness and down feeling about being diabetic and not knowing what is ahead.

I do not want to offend anyone by talking about my dogs issue. But they mirror your comments. My dog has lymphoma and was put on chemo and a high dose of prednisone daily.

I kept telling the vet of the symptoms of panting, fatigue, she gained 22 pounds in 4 months. Her sweet personality has become aggressive. Her urination was so excessive. Her moist nose dried out. No energy at all. So vet finally allowed 6 weeks of weening her off. I have completed weening 4 days ago and she still has all of the side effects and is having urination accidents, aggression around food and no energy.

We are trying to work on weight over the 6 weeks with little success. Her blood cell count is normal but she will continue to take the chemo every other day and assured it does not produce these side affects. This article was very helpful. I wish the other commenters best of luck reversing these toxic side effects. I am so sad to hear about your dog.

If this medication is bad for us you can imagine what is happening to the poor pet. Please do all you can to get her back to health. Doctor prescribed Prednisone because I have been experiencing severe itching all over.

The Doctor wanted me to take it for 2 weeks 3 days, 5 pills at 10 mg each pill, then 3 days 4 pills, then 3 days 3 pills, then 2 days 2 pills, 1 pill one day. The first day I took it I had an upset stomach but I continued for a total of 5 days. I started getting bumps on my forehead, my top lip started swelling, itchy tongue and eyes were extremely dry also loss of appetite.

I called the Doctor and he had me do a fast tapper, 2 pills 2 days then 1 pill 1 day. I will never take that pill again!

Now that I got off the pill the itching has gotten worse, my left leg and left side of my face swells and my bones ache. I get a sharp pain in my head and I now have a rash going down the middle of my back.

So much for a Happy Holiday! I was on high dose prednisolone, mg, for several months, being taped off for almost a year, after having no platelets, internal bleeding, and having a platelet transfusion.

This was 3 years ago now. Can it be connected?? I to was on the same dose as Sarah for the same reason. I have pretty much become a person with a short fuse. I have stopped taking prednisone a week ago.

I am glad my platelet count is up but hope I never have to take the steroids again. I have gained a ton of weight and my face looks like a basketball. How long will this go on for can anyone please tell me? I was on it for about four months. I was put on Prednisone and Acyclovir. I have a weird taste when I eat anything. I feel extremely frustrated. I stopped taking a five day dose of Prednisone as well as Levaquin two weeks ago, but I continue to feel dizzy, weak, disoriented and aggravated and still have trouble sleeping.

Could I still be having side effects? I developed a slight headache and heart palpitations the afternoon of my first dose. The next morning my face was very flushed and hot, and the headache and palpitations were worse.

It was basically the same reaction I had to IV vancomycin pre-surgery 5 years ago. Maybe some people can take prednisone, but not me. Was on Prednisone, which was tiered down over 16 days for a sciatic nerve that was out of control.

Started on 40 mg an day for 4 days, then 30mg for 4 days, 20mg for 4 days, and lastly 10 mg for 4 days. The general muscle weakness was terrible, to the point both ankles were unstable and could not even stand on tippy toes with holding on to something.

As the drug tiered down, those symptoms got somewhat better but I took my last 10 mg dose 3 days ago and am just now starting to feel somewhat my old self as far as my general muscle strength is concerned. This is my first time being on Prednisone. If my Doctor chooses to prescribe it again in the future for anything, I will discuss alternate medications with her. In addition to my previous comment, the increase in appetite was ridiculous as well.

I was eating everything in sight and gained 8 lbs in 16 days. If not treated asap, such a crisis can be fatal. I urge any of you struggling to taper off pred to talk to your doctors if you have these symptoms, read the literature it took 3 years for me to find doctors who had a clue and get your am cortisol tested!

They have a fantastic file library, and also address secondary adrenal insufficiency. On due to allergic reaction. I will be on a total of 8 days. One day gap when I was off it. I did feel dizzy with the second dose of 40 mg. I took 50 mg in small 10 dose. It helped with the reaction half way. The final doses cleared it up more.

I have Bells Palsy. I was given prednisone 50mg for 7 days. It made me so ill from the day I took it. I stopped after 6 days. My blood sugar went so high to dangerous levels. I was only on pills before. These symptoms came on as soon as the prednisone kicked in. And have not left after 7 days.

I was placed on steroids, 40 mg a day, then titrated down over a period of 9 months for sarcoidosis. I was also taking an antibiotic every other day this entire time. The side effects are too numerous to list, but I now have osteoporosis, widespread body pain, muscle problems and chronic fatigue. There has got to be a better way to deal with autoimmune diseases then long term steroid use.

I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and was put on 40 mg of Prednisolone.

I was put in steroid pack for sinuses. I had been constantly looking up my symptoms but I think it was only stressing myself out. So vet finally allowed 6 weeks of weening her off. Prednisone dog
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